Good food starts with good ingredients.


Since our foundation in 1955, we have been building on our role as a

candied fruits manufacturer in the food ingredient industry, providing

many customers with quality confiture.


All these years we have been faithful to one principle: production that gets

the best out of good ingredients. Orange peels and other confectionery ingredients

have traditionally been prepared by pastry chefs themselves. Preparing them properly

requires a great deal of time and effort. UMEHARA aims for the highest quality and

produces a wide variety of candied fruits which can be used not only in confectioneries

and bread, but also in many different other food products.


Today, food SAFETY and RELIABILITY occupy the minds of consumers like

never before. Ever since its foundation, UMEHARA has supplied only products

free from artificial colors and synthetic preservatives and has never neglected to

go to production sites to purchase directly from producers and conduct tests for

pesticide residues according to the Positive List System.


Our production site is located in Tateshina, Nagano Prefecture, known for its abundance

of quality water. With the latest facilities and greatest care, we always do our best to

constantly develop new products of the highest quality to meet the expanding and

diversifying needs of customers.


We look forward to your continued support and patronage.


President Ken Umehara

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