Company Profile

Company profile
Name of the company UMEHARA Co., Ltd
Head Office 3-12-4 Minami-cho Kokubunji-shi Tokyo 185 0021 JAPAN
TEL: +81 42 321 1960 FAX: +81 42 321 3421
Directors Chairman Hiroshi Umehara
President Ken Umehara
Senior Advisor Eiko Umehara
Executive Sales Manager Yuuji Ono
Executive Operation Manager Kathumi Iizuka
Executive Production Manager Jun Nakata
Established Company
November 1, 1955
February 19, 1972
Type of business

Manufacture & wholesale of candied fruits, fruits in liquors, jam.

Capital JPY 10,000,000
Banks Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Kokubunji branch
Hachijuni Bank, Chino branch Mizuho Bank, Koganei branch
Shoukouchukin, Sinjuku branch,Tama-shinkin bank
/KIKUYA CO.,LTD/KOUEI SHOKAI co.,ltd /SAKURAI CO.,LTD/Sato shokai Co., Ltd
Zenkachu Cooperatives/Daiken shokai Co., Ltd/Teramoto confectionery material CO.,LTD/Hirata Co., Ltd/MARUBISHI Co.,Ltd
(In the order of the Japanese syllabary. Titles omitted from names.)
Tateshina Factory

9800-7 Miyagawa Chino-shi Nagano pref. 391 0013 JAPAN

TEL: +81 266 71 1960 FAX: +81 266 71 1711

Employee 100
Head office
Head Office Map
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Company history

Company history
2008. January Completion of overall renovation of the Kokubunji head office in Minami-cho, Kokubunji City
2007. October Appointment of Ken Umehara as President
2005. September Construction of West building in Tateshina Factory
2000. April Appointment of Hiroshi Umehara as President
1997. April Construction & movement to Tateshina Factory in Nagano pref.
1988. January Appointment of Eiko Umehara as President
1987. December Passing of the founder Minoru Umehara
1985. May Completion of the building of Umehara's head office in Kokubunji City, Tokyo
1982.January Construction of the 2nd Musashi-murayama Factory; Introduction of an automated warehousing system
1979.June Construction of Musashi Murayama 1st Factory
1976. April Relocation of the Musashi-murayama Factory to 1-69-2, Musashi-murayama City, Tokyo
1972. March Relocation of the head office to Honda, Kokubunji City; Foundation of Umehara Co., Ltd.
1970. March Relocation of the Factory to Nishimoto-machi, Kokubunji City
1966. March Launch of candied fruits business under the name of UMEHARA SHOTEN in Minami-cho, Kokubunji City
1955. November Foundation of UMEHARA Co., LTD.
Tateshina Factory
(Awarded Good Design Award, Facility Division in 1999)
Tateshina Factory Map
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Managerial Philosophy

1. Be people-friendly
 We give priority to people, starting with customers, business partners and employees.
Good products are always born out of good trusting relationships.
Each individual should put him/herself in the shoes of others and approach them with kindness.
We show respect for all people through sound business activities.
2. Be a trusted producer
 We put customer satisfaction first and are always ready to take on the challenge of keeping customers satisfied with our products.
Minoru Umehara, the founder, produced orange peel with all his heart, out of his single-minded desire to let people know “how delicious it can be." His spirit lives on to this day in our company.
We do our best each day to produce the safest possible products which delight the palates of our customers through our stringent quality control procedures.
3. Contribute to the environment and community development
 We aim to be a recycling-oriented company as a respectable corporate citizen.
Our Factory in Nagano pref. is located in the rich natural environment of Tateshina Heights.
We produce candied fruits using fresh, clean, abundant water, a gift from nature in Tateshina.
Our production process requires a large amount of water. To make a corporate contribution to a better global environment we use environmentally-friendly facilities, such as a water treatment facility free from the discharge of sludge.
We will continue to be an ecological company.
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