Carefully selected fully-ripe bananas

Produced in: The Philippines

Produced in: Thai

Our banana puree is a very stable, discoloration-resistant product made by purreing fully-ripened bananas into cream and adding sugar while retaining the yellow color.

The puree has a wide variety of uses:entremets, baked confectionery, ice cream, and more.

Our cut bananas go well with baked confectionery, bread, chocolate, etc.

  • Banana Puree
    Banana Puree
    3.2 kg/can x 6
    Brix 35 or higher
    Pureed banana (frozen)
    Produced in the Philippines
  • Semi-dried cut banana (3 mm)
    Semi-Dried Banana
    Cut 10 mm
    600 g/pack x 9
    Moisture: 14% or below
    Only for heated use
    Produced in Thailand
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