Cranberries with bactericidal and antimicrobial properties

Produced in: Australia

Our candied fruit of Australian-produced ginger do not contain much fiber and thus does not leave storings in your mouth. Despite the characteristic pungent flavor of ginger, it tastes mild and sweet so you'll never get tired of it. Perfect for spicing up fruit cakes, chocolate, entrements and many other food products.

  • Orange Cut 3mm
    Ginger Cut 5mm
    1kg bag×12
    1kg pack×6
    10kg box
    Brix 72±2
  • Ginger Mince C
    1kg bag×12
    10kg box
    Brix 72±2
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Produced in: Japan (Kyushu region)

UMEHARA's candied ginger are special products made by candying Kyushu-grown ginger and then drying the surfaces while keeping the spicy flavor intact.

They are sure to make good ingredients for a wide variety of ginger-flavored confectionery, including ginger bread, cookies, and fruit cakes.

  • シトロンカット5ミリ
    Semi-Dried Ginger Sticks
    500g pack×8
    Brix 72 or higher
    Only By Air