Grapefruit with a nice, moderate bitterness

Produced in: Chile

Produced in: Italy

While grapefruit peels are rich in naringin, which gives the fruit its bitter taste,

our grapefruit peel products are created in order to have a well-balanced bitterness,

so that they go better with chocolate, baked confectionery, pastry, and more.

Being free from bleaches, preservatives, artificial colorants and postharvest chemicals, they are completely safe products which you can enjoy with peace of mind.

  • Grapefruit Cut 3mm
    Grapefruit Cut 3mm
    1kg bag×12
    10kg box
    Brix 66±2
    Shape of dice
    * Products ordered by lot
  • Grapefruit Cut 5mm A
    Grapefruit Cut 5mm A
    1kg bag×12
    1kg pack×6
    10kg box
    Brix 66±2
    Shape of dice
  • Grapefruit quater
    Grapefruit Quarter
    7kg box
    Brix 71±2
    Quartered sections of a whole Grapefruit peel
    *Products ordered by lot
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