Good food starts with good ingredients.We offer fruit confiture made with a wide variety of ingredients.

It is said candied fruits were produced in the ancient Egypt for the first time.
This invention of the ancient Egyptians (who were the people who possessed the wisdom to construct the pyramids, after all) was then introduced to Europe where it was brought to a new height under the influence of local food cultures.
Today, these candied fruits are used around the world to enhance the appearance and flavor of confectionery.

Candied fruits must have been the best way to keep their flavor fresh for as long as possible in the days when there were no refrigerators. It allowed people to store and enjoy seasonal fruits and confectionery containing them for longer.
Even today, this method remains the method of choice for many producers of both Japanese-style and Western-style confectionery when they need ingredients with long shelf lives for their confectionery production plans or want to deliver their products over long distances for wider marketing.

UMEHARA Co., Ltd. brings the very best out of tasty fruits through its original production processes and careful product management. We are here to delight your palate while ensuring complete safety. It would be our great pleasure to help you make your confectionery taste even better or reach more people.

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