Iyokan citrus fruit from Iyo

Produced in: Japan ( Shikoku ・ Wakayama )

The iyokan is a citrus fruit, which is named after its largest producer,

Ehime Prefecture, since "Iyo" is another, older, name for Ehime.

UMEHARA offers iyokan slices as regular products.

  • Iyokan Slise A
    Iyokan Slice A
    1kg bag×12
    10kg box
    Brix 68±2
    A = wide 1mm length 3~7cm
  • Iyokan Slise S
    Iyokan Slice SS
    1kg bag×12
    1kg pack×6
    10kg box
    Brix 68±2
    SS = wide 1mm length
        under 1cm
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