Sanitary supervision of factory

  • Enter the workplace
    Workers enter the workplace only after removing loose hair by pulling their hair out before putting a net over their hair in the locker room. (The number of loose hairs removed from individual workers is checked and recorded.)
  • 粘着ローラー
    Adhesive roller
    Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets are placed on the floor to prevent hair from being brought in from outside.
  • 手洗い
    Hand washing
    Workers wash their hands, including between fingers, the backs of their hands, and wrists, using special soap, and then they scrub their nails with a nail brush.
  • アルコール
    Alcohol disinfection
    After washing their hands, they disinfect their hands and fingers with alcohol.
  • エアシャワー
    Air shower
    Workers walk through an area in which they are blown by wind from two different directions, so that they become completely free from dust.
  • 足洗い場
    Foot washing
    Workers soak their work boots in a chlorinated solution in the foot washing area before entering the room.
  • 工場の床
    Production room floor
    Some areas of our production factory have stainless steel floors.
    Stainless steel floors are resistant to peeling, unlike plastic floors, and offer constant hygienic protection.
  • 空気清浄
    Air conditioning
    "We have adopted a hepafilter-based air conditioning system that keeps the air clean which adds to our confidence in our products."
    We process fruits in a completely clean environment throughout the year.
    · Hepafilter-based air conditioning
    · Recording of room temperature and humidity at 10:00 and 15:00
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