Food safety starts with integrated production planning

We always think from the customers' point of view as we do our best to guarantee optimal safety and stable quality based on integrated production planning.
Our production planning covers all production processes from sourcing ingredients from various places, shipping from our automated warehouse to the delivery service to consumers, so that we can offer products that not only taste great, but are also completely safe.

High quality and safety
High quality and safety
  • Sugar silo
    Sugar silo
    Sugar is brought in by tanker directly from a sugar manufacturer and stored in our sugar silo with no exposure to the air. When used for production, it is transported into our production plant through a pipeline.
  • Machinery & facility management
    Machinery & facility management

    All products undergo thorough inspections by going through an X-ray foreign object detection device, metal detector and weight checker at the end of the packaging line.

    In addition, records are kept to facilitate daily management in order to ensure stable product quality.
    · Equipment washing management · Finishing/Filling/Production records · Metal detection check form
    · X-ray detection check form · Fridge/Freezer management form · Line check form · Cleaning checks, etc.

  • Inspections
    Products are tested for general viable bacteria, fungi, yeasts, Staphylococcus aureus, coliform bacteria, etc.
    · Facilities for bacterial, physical and chemical inspections
  • Air conditioning
    Air conditioning
    "We have adopted a hepafilter-based air conditioning system that keeps the air clean which adds to our confidence in our products.
    We process fruits in a completely clean environment throughout the year.
    · Hepafilter-based air conditioning
    · Recording of room temperature and humidity at 10:00 and 15:00
  • Production room floor
    Production room floor
    Some areas of our production factory have stainless steel floors.
    Stainless steel floors are resistant to peeling, unlike plastic floors, and offer constant hygienic protection.
  • Water treatment facilities
    Water treatment facilities
    We adopted a sludge-free water treatment system a full 13 years ago when we established the Tateshina Factory.
    All our facilities are friendly to the environment.
  • Environmental education for staff members
    Environmental education for staff members
    We provide everyone involved in our production processes with hygiene education on a regular basis. It is hygiene that forms the basis of our production activities.
  • Analysis Results
    Analysis results certificates

    We have our products tested for pesticide residues by the Food Safety Analysis Center, MASIS, Inc., and other inspection institutes and we are certified as meeting the requirements stipulated in the Food Sanitation Act (food additives etc.) and the Agricultural Chemicals Control Act (standards to withhold registration).

    Feel free to take a look at the analysis results on orange peel (produced in Spain), one of our main ingredients.
    Analysis Results Certificate (PDF)

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