Order/Payment related questions

Can I change the products in my shopping cart?
You can change the number of items in your shopping cart and also remove products you no longer want as long as you have not yet submitted the order.
Can I change the number of items in an order I have already submitted?
You cannot cancel your order. Please make sure that you have entered your order details correctly.
I have placed an order, but have not received an acknowledgement email.
You may have entered the wrong email address.
Please contact us immediately via telephone or email. For contact information, please refer to the Contact page.
Can I change the time, address, etc. of delivery after submitting an order?
You can specify your desired delivery time, but not delivery date.
Do you accept orders from overseas?/ Do you deliver to overseas destinations?
Sorry, but we do not accept orders from overseas or deliver to overseas destinations.
I want to have my order delivered to an address that is different from the one that I entered when I placed the order.
When you want to have your order delivered to a different address from your registered address, please enter the necessary information in the delivery address information field in the order form.
Can I submit my order by telephone or fax?
Sorry, we only accept orders online through Umehara's Online Shopping for internal reasons.
Can I change the method of payment?
You cannot change the method of payment once you have submitted your order.
Can I make my payment by credit on an installment plan?
You can make your payment by installment or revolving credit.
Can I make my payment through a postal transfer, bank transfer or convenience store transfer?
No, we are not currently able to accept such payment methods.
I have received my order but it was damaged. Can I exchange it for another?
You can return the damaged item(s) to us within 3 day of receipt for exchange.
I want to modify my registered contact information.
You can modify your personal information by logging onto the page for change/correction of personal information.
How many days does it take to receive my order at the earliest?
About a week at the earliest, and two weeks at the latest.
Would you please send me a receipt?
We do not issue receipts. However, every delivery comes with a packing list that doubles as a receipt.
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Product-related questions

What is "brix"?
Brix is a widely-used measurement of sweetness that measures sugar content as a percentage. The larger the value the greater the sugar content.
What is "peel"?
This term refers to the skin of fruits and vegetables.
Umehara uses this term to name its citrus products, like orange peel, together with words describing size and/or shape, such as Orange Quarter or Lemon Quarter.
What is "confit"?
Confit is a French word meaning "preserved (in sugar, vinegar, oil or other material)."
What does the word "confiture" mean?
It is a French word for jam.
What is "citron"?
Citron, or Cedrat in French, is a fruit produced mainly in Sicilia and Corsica in Italy.
This fruit is called kuen in Japanese and is a raw material for citric acid (kuen-san in Japanese). With a thick peel and intense sour taste, it makes a perfect ingredient for confiture.
Citron confiture is clear, pale green. Citron is a popular citrus fruit that has long been used in confectionaries in Europe.
Do you use any genetically-modified ingredients?
No, we do not.
Can you provide some food allergy information?
Growing numbers of people are becoming allergic to specific food products.
There are even some people who develop life-threatening symptoms. That is why we are now required to provide accurate information about allergens included in food products.
What kinds of ingredients can be allergens?
It is mandatory to label food products that contain any of the following seven items: egg, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanut, shrimp and crab.
It is recommended that companies label food products that contain any of the following 18 items: abalone, squid, salmon roe, orange, kiwi fruit, beef, walnut, salmon, mackerel, soybean, poultry, pork, matsutake mushroom, peach, yam, apple, gelatin and banana.
Do you label products that contain allergens?
We label products that contain orange, apple, peach or banana.
In addition, we also label other products that can be made on the same lines as the products that use these fruits.
How should I store confiture?
Different products require different conditions. However, generally speaking, you should avoid leaving orange, lemon and other peel products in direct fluorescent light or sunlight for many hours, to prevent discoloration.
Please keep it refrigerated or in a cool, dark place and use promptly.
Sugar can crystallize when kept in the refrigerator for a long time.
It is my understanding that confiture is a preserved food item. So why does it have a use-by date?
As confiture can become discolored when stored for a long time, we set use-by dates, so that people can enjoy our products when they taste their best.
Use-by dates do not mean that the products suddenly start to go bad once the dates have passed. However, we strongly urge people to consume our products before the use-by dates conforming to the strage method indicated on the quality label.
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